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University Admissions

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What do we do?

If you are an international student from Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or Malaysia who is looking forward to getting accepted to an undergraduate or postgraduate course in Australia, Canada or UK, that is where we can assist you.We also provide counselling for national and international students in diversification or changing of their career paths.

How do we do it?

  • First, make an appointment with us. We can meet you in person, as online counselling sessions or over the phone. Contact us here and make an appointment today!


  • Our educational and visa consultants are a professional team where you can have one of us to assist you in this exciting adventure! 


  • Tell us about your current educational qualifications and the field you love to thrive. Feel free to discuss with us and get to know your options where your academic credentials align with the course, university and country of your interest.


  • One of our consultants will assist you in the process of university application where he will coordinate you with the educational institute that can get you the highest possibility of acceptance.


Which Universities we are partnering with?

  • Study in an Australian university
  • Study in a Canadian university
  • Study in a university in UK