Universities in Australia – Partnering with AusAsia

Studying in Australia is a wonderful venture. Annually over thousands of students migrate to Australia from overseas. Each educational institution in Australia is unique while most of them have a history running back for decades over which thousands of intellects emerged. 

There are three main objectives for Australian universities.

                           1. store 

They                2. transfer              knowledge

                     3. keep creating

These higher education institutes have an international community of scholars, where the instructors and students are largely from around the world. They are the best essence of intellects concentrated in one place!

AusAsia proudly collaborates with some of the most renowned universities and other institutions in Australia. When you are ready to start your studies overseas, we surely have some great courses of your choice in the list below. 


University National Ranking 2020 (overall) World ranking 2020
Charles Sturt University (Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane) 29 801
Charles Sturt University (Wagga Wagga) 29 801
Central Queensland University 27 601
Deakin University 16 251
Edith Cowan University (Melbourne/Sydney/Perth) 30 751
Flinders International Study Centre 23 478
James Cook University (Townsville/Cairns 20 377
James Cook University Brisbane 20 377
La Trobe University 22 400


Melbourne Institute of Technology





Southern Cross University (Melbourne/Sydney/Perth) 32 751-800
MIT Federation University 37 1719
Southern Cross University (Lismore/Gold Coast) 32 751-800
Swinburne University 21 383
The Hotel School (Melbourne/Sydney) 67 1003
Torrens University 36 5137
University of Sydney Foundation Program 3 42
University of Tasmania 18 291
University of Western Australia (PFP) 7 86
University of Wollongong 11 212
Victoria University (Melbourne) 28 601-650


We are also partnering with non university higher education institutions like TAFE (Technical And Further Education) institutes. These institutions mostly provide Diploma level post-school qualifications. Yet some can even offer upto Bachelor’s degree level. 

Australian TAFES & other Higher Education providers:

1 Victoria University (Sydney)

2 Box Hill TAFE

3 Melbourne Polytechnic

4 Excelsia College

5 Academies Australasia Polytechnic

6 Australia Institute of Business and Technology

7 Navitas

Does your career dream align with the courses in any of these institutions? We can get you accepted! Contact us here.