Scholarship Opportunities in Australia for International Students

Australian universities in collaboration with government, private and public institutions offer scholarships for meritorious students from abroad. They usually cover course and university expenses. But, some scholarships can even cover living expenses and travel costs of students. Most of the PhD based scholarships cover upto  100% of expenses for international students. 

It all depends on

  • the institution, 
  • the period of study 
  • type of course you choose. 

The basis of granting scholarships. 

  • Great academic scores
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Volunteer work

Many Australian educational institutions have a list of exclusive scholarships, research grants and bursaries for students in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. They have a very high demand thus it is always wise to apply for these in advance, where we recommend 8-12 months. It requires a thorough checking with your eligibility criteria and closing dates of these scholarships prior to application. 

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Some general scholarships offered by Australia are as follows.

  • Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)
  • Endeavour Leadership Program
  • Australia Awards
  • John Allwright Fellowship (JAF)

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