Scholarship Assistance

Factors determining a scholarship grant

Scholarship opportunities are a golden key for any skilled international student who seeks a way to enter a world top-class university with a well-covered budget. Many educational institutions in Australia,Canada and UK annually provide full or half scholarships based upon the

  • academic qualifications
  • overall profile
  • work experience
  • extracurricular performance
  • english proficiency 

In general, how far a university scholarship from Australia/Canada/UK covers?

Most of these scholarships cover the tuition and semester fees of the student’s academic years while some offer to cover living and travel expenses, too. Some of these scholarships are offered exclusively to specific countries like Vietnam,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia. 

The demand and eligibility

Although the number of annual scholarship offers are high, the demand for them exceeds the number. Thus, it is very important to become an early applicant if you are seeking an opportunity. First, check whether you are eligible for the particular offer by checking your qualifications. Then you can apply accordingly.

How does AusAsia help you here?

Your AusAsia consultant will provide you well updated,latest available scholarship details of your university. He will also guide you in the process of application, so that you will never miss it!

That’s why AusAsia Consultants are here! Fill our inquiry form and get more details about the latest scholarship offers!