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The question is not simple but life-changing. We know the feeling of starting a new course, and how it gets hundred times challenging with starting it in a new place, new country, new people and lifestyle.

So, how do you know you are ready to fly for a new venture?

Here are some must-knows we suggest.


Discuss with your family. Take opinions of your peers, teachers and educational consultants. Make sure you can envision your future clearly if you choose to study overseas. Still having doubts? AusAsia has free consultation sessions for you!

Consult an education agent

It is true that any student can select his choice of university, course and country to his best interests and apply. Yet, having an education agent to guide you through the complex and time consuming procedures of applying admission, visa and scholarships is very advantageous. They keep strong connections with many top level universities and are well trained to manage the hectic processes of applying to study abroad. They have the best advice for you in choosing your course, university and country. They also can scrutinize your documents and arrange them with respect to most up-to-date legal requirements. Thus, acceptance is highly guaranteed.

If you are seeking for a guidance – AusAsia consultants are here for you!

Assess your qualifications

All universities and colleges in Australia, Canada and UK prefer specific academic qualifications and language proficiencies as top priority. It may vary based upon the country, university and the course you select. Thus, it is essential to assess which tests you should score and their minimum levels of acceptance before you apply to any university.

Length of your application assessment process

This differs according to the country you wish to study in. However, it may vary based upon your university and course you selected. Thus, it is important to go through your university website carefully prior to your decisions.

  •         Australia

Semester 1

Semester 2





Late February/early March

Late May/early June

Late July/early August



  •         Canada


Nature of intake












  •         UK

1st Term

2nd Term

3rd Term













The cost of living abroad

The cost of living in developed countries is much higher, yet the student immigrants have a higher chance of earning while studying due to the government rules allowing part-time working hours. However, it is crucial to have an idea about your course, lifestyle you prefer, the length of your stay and the distance you travel are compatible with your budget.

It is also advised to have funds ready in order to fulfill immigration rules where the student must prove he has enough funds in his homeland and has no intention of settling in the migrated country.

Stay updated about government policies regarding international students

Every country is governed by a fixed set of rules, yet there might be slight changes in their policies and rules with regards to the aspect of concern. A student studying abroad must be aware of such policy changes which can have an impact on their part-time working hours, staying period and visa conditions. These factors may change over the time of his degree.

Stay aware of future career opportunities

Any student who performs well in a world class university course has a higher possibility of getting accepted to a wide berth of job opportunities world-wide. However, if you are concerned about returning to your motherland; it is a must to do some research on whether the course of your interest is compatible with available job opportunities in your country. Yet, we can assure getting access to the world’s best education platforms can boost your victory in your dream career!

Scholarships for studying abroad

Some prestigious universities in Australia, Canada and UK maintain long-term collaborative relationships with Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand and Malaysia through exclusive scholarships, bursaries and research grants. Although the chances of getting one is quite thin with the competition, AusAsia can help you to win it using our expertise. Read more about it, here.

Earning while learning

Most of the degree level and above international student visas of Australia, Canada and UK permit them to work a fixed number of hours. However, it is crucial to check with your visa permissions before starting a new job. Universities also provide job centers for students which provide information on job opportunities available.

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