Our Story

Global education thrives daily with quality and  innovative approaches, especially in developed countries. Only a small part of ambitious youngsters  enjoy these excellencies.  The rest mostly struggle to find a better orientation to their future goals. Students overseas who have limited access to globally recognized educational opportunities often face this issue.

They needed someone to empower and lead them to place a positive impact on the world. 

These observations led an elite team of experts in education and migration of students to form an outstanding  solution provider – AusAsia Education and Migration Consultants, in 2017 at Melbourne, Australia. 

While there are a lot of education and migration consultants worldwide, AusAsia has a unique prospect.  We believe every individual requires personalized solutions when selecting their  future path. What most of them lack is great assistance – which, AusAsia Consultants are excelled at. 

You can reach AusAsia in our main branches in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Sri Lanka to reach your place in world’s best educational institutions in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. 

Alongside acceptance into your desired university, we assist you to obtain student visa, health insurance, accommodation, and provide part-time work arrangements.

Currently, AusAsia Education and Migration Consultants is operating as a migration centre and sourcing students to Malaysian Universities. But, we keep expanding till we ensure any student gets access to world class education they ever dream about!

Our Vision

To become a globally recognized, quality service provider of empowering students worldwide to embark and excel in their educational and career goals by connecting them with world best educational institutes in Australia, Canada and UK. We strongly believe in developing an individual with quality education is the key to build a better world filled with innovations and novel ideas. 

Our Mission

To become the best global platform that brings the educational and career dreams of students worldwide to meet a perfect reality by exclusively guiding them with professional excellence.   

How We are Unique

Tailor Made

We provide all students with no less than the best service available to meet their needs. Every student will be given access to strategy and industry experts who have the experience and knowledge of diverse education niches.

Work Ethics

We maintain professional ethics and morals within every students’ journey with our company.


A reliable source of updated and unsullied information for students at all times.


We maintain an adequate level of transparency with the students in all processes.


Regardless of fiscal capability, every student is assured a great range of options to choose from.