Educational institutions, mainly the universities of Australia, Canada and UK have two annual intakes-unlike many Asian universities. They are in September and January.

Intake Starting month Ending month
Fall September December
Spring January May


A very few universities and colleges offer a Summer intake around April.

Do you wonder what intake to choose?

It depends on many factors.

  •         Availability of your course of interest
  •         Your academic records
  •         Test scores
  •         Availability of job opportunities
  •         Rate of university acceptance

When should I get ready to apply?

It is recommended to start filling your application 10-12 months before the starting date of your course.

Get ready by April to Fall and by August to Spring admissions.

Which intake is more competitive?

The Fall is really competitive. It is available in all the universities in Australia, Canada and UK while Spring admissions may vary in some. If you check and ensure that your university of preference and the course has admissions for Spring, the competition is much less than that of Fall so that you can have a higher chance for an acceptance.