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We, at AusAsia believe in removing barriers for education and assisting students to transform themselves to become world class professionals. That is why we bridge high quality education with purpose driven scholars around the world. 

AusAsia Consultants offer education and migration consultation for international students who seek study opportunities in Australia, Canada and UK. We also provide customized solutions for students who intend to change their career path. Originating from Melbourne, Australia we have branched out to Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand and Malaysia. 


“The best gift to give a man is wisdom, our greatest pleasure is to facilitate it.  We believe that every student must have access to the excellent calibre education the world holds.”

Niroshan Ranaweera

Managing Director, AusAsia Consultants

Why AusAsia?

Our motive is to help any student to find the place their head, heart and hand overlaps. Our personalized counselling is all FREE. Moreover, we help to find the best scholarship opportunities assessing your qualifications. 

We believe quality education must be accessible by everyone to gain wisdom and shape up their future which, in return will shape up the world. Thus, we connect students overseas with top global educational institutions in Australia, Canada and the UK. 

AusAsia on shore assistance greets you with a warm welcome and a joyous kick-start as a student studying abroad. 

Reach our agents for post-counselling whenever you need to change your subject stream or diversify your career. It is our pleasure to assist such passionate scholars.

What we do

University Admission

We take pleasure in consulting you to select the best course, country and university and get your university application launched perfectly, on time.

Scholarships Assistance

We will give the best scholarships, grants and bursary opportunities handpicked for you!

Course Counselling

Feel free to share your passions with us and we will provide personalized course choices for you.

Visa Arrangements and Guidance

AusAsia helps you to launch a powerful visa application with a minimal chance of rejection.

Arrange Health Insurance (OSHC)

Let us consult you to get the Overseas Student Health Cover that can ensure a good healthcare.

Pre-departure orientation

Our briefing can enhance your confidence and to land with an ignited mind and determination!

Post-arrival assistance

We warmly welcome you at your dream destination with supportings to find safe accommodations and part-time working opportunities.

Professional Year Programs

AusAsia Consultants can get you enrolled with professional year programs after graduation in Accounting, Engineering and IT in Australia.

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What our Students say

“AusAsia really walked the talk. Now, I’m a proud student of the university I love, shaping up my life in a great land. Thank you, AusAsia!”

Sahil, Bangladesh

“AusAsia guided me to get excellent decisions in my higher studies and career”

Shehan, Sri Lanka

“Working with my AusAsia consultant was such a pleasant experience. Highly recommend their professional counselling”

Giang, Vietnam

Study destinations


Australia is the world’s 3rd global leader of education with many prestigious universities ranking within top 100 in the world. Many international students choose Australia as a perfect study destination due to the world-class education, promising careers and PR opportunities.


Canada is one of the best countries to live while it homes for world top ranking universities and colleges. University life in Canada is pretty popular among students overseas due to the freedom and modern facilities.


The United Kingdom is the second global leader in education with world most recognized, top ranking universities like Oxford and Cambridge. Life in the UK can be quite enjoyable with plenty of new experiences.