Where can I find AusAsia?

We have spread our wings through five countries – Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand and Malaysia. Reach us at our offices.

Which countries can I apply through AusAsia?

AusAsia Consultants represent the world’s most recognized universities, colleges and schools in Australia, Canada and the UK. Here is the list of educational institutions we represent.

How can we meet a representative of AusAsia?

  •         At our branch offices

AusAsia consultants are always ready to welcome you at our branches. Our professional education and migration consultants will make very pleasant sessions of face-to-face discussions and help you to decide, apply and achieve your dreams. You and your family are our top priority, so one of our consultants will always be there to mentor you throughout the whole process.

Find The walk-in times and schedule your appointment here

  •         We are just a call away

Call AusAsia Consultants and we will get you a perfect guide to show you the best options to study abroad. Our agents are highly responsive and friendly; you will never feel uncomfortable at any session. No matter how your qualifications are, we got the perfect solution for your next step.

Find when we are open and get connected with a consultant here

  •         Virtual Consultation

Yes, we are online! If you find it is difficult to reach our branches- contact us here. Our consultants are ready to arrange online discussions with you and your family at a convenient time, all for free!

How can I keep updated with AusAsia until I decide to study abroad?

Simply fill AusAsia Student Inquiry form and subscribe to AusAsia Information Centre. We will keep you informed with updated details, all customized for your choice of subject, country and university. You will also get invited to our online sessions, educational fairs and open days!