Courses & Qualifications Offered by Australian Universities

The academic years 

Early March to late November or  from mid July to late June of the following year

The year usually has two semesters, some may have three semesters. It is highly varied for the Doctoral Degree or other postgraduate research awards as the students can negotiate with their research supervisor upon the date of commencement. 


The following levels of qualifications are stated in general by Australian Qualification Framework.


Course Duration Remarks
Diploma 1 -2 years

Offered by some universities and university colleges.


Same level as a Diploma that is offered by a vocational training institution (career oriented training).

Bachelor Degree

Minimum of

3 years

The basic university qualification for entry to a profession.



4 years Takes place after a Bachelor’s degree. The final year focuses on research. Honours is also granted when a student shows outstanding achievement in a Bachelor course of four or more years.
Graduate Certificate 6 months Develops  the skills related to the undergraduate program or vocational training in a new professional scope. 
Graduate Diploma One year

Develops  individual skills after an undergraduate program or develops vocational knowledge and skills in a new

professional area .



1-2 years

Enhances specific professional or vocational skills.

by coursework and some research.

Masters Degree

(Research) – MPhil

1-2 years

Provides research training for students who have Bachelor Honours or with significant work experience with a Bachelor’s degree. 


Can transfer to a PhD program after 1 year full-time of work.

Doctoral Degree

(Doctor of Philosophy –


Generally 3 years Highest award offered by Australian universities. Mainly involved with research work. 

Source: Education Agent Training  Course – Course Book by PIER